What We Do

Well, more like what we plan to do.

We're just getting started and have ambitious plans. Here are some of them.


Community Building

We want people to connect with their City and connect with each other. We will help this happen by finding ways to better our community, together. This might be grant funded neighborhood improvements, public art, community events, or whatever else our community members dream up. We want every community member to be able to proudly say "this is my community, this is my city." 


Community Visioning

Mountlake Terrace is starting to experience some pretty significant changes and will continue to do so. There are important questions our community needs to ask like "what do we want Mountlake Terrace to be?". We intend to facilitate online and offline discussions to help identify what's special about Mountlake Terrace and how we keep those unique qualities as the City changes.


Community resilience

A better connected community is a more resilient community. Difficult times, such as a natural disaster or a change in one's life circumstances, can have a huge affect on community members. Improving the bonds within our community will not only allow us to bounce back from difficult times but will improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of our community members. No one should have to experience life on their own, we're better together.